Senior Project - Option 2

College and Career Readiness Activities  - 

•  ALL Senior Project activities and assignments for option #2 must be completed by each due date to receive full credit.  You are allowed 1 late assignment.
•  READ over what is required for each activity below and see what documents are needed for each that need to be completed
•  Stay ORGANIZED and print off this assignment sheet that contains a brief summary of each activity and due dates
•  Students will complete a list of 8 assignments/activities related to Career and College Readiness.  All 8 assignments MUST be completed to pass the course.
•  All assignments are to be turned into the "Senior Project box" located in the main office or F115.  Please make sure your NAME is easily found on each assignment.
•  YES, you can turn assignments in early.
•  Students are not allowed to email assignments to the teacher.
•  Activities are completed during the trimester - See DEADLINES  Fall TRIMESTER last day to turn in option #2 assignments for credit is November 20, 2019 by 3:30 PM  NO EXCEPTIONS!!


•  How am I graded for Option #2? - Students are graded with the letter grades of A, C, or F
In order to earn an A grade ALL assignments are required to be turned in.  You are allowed ONE late assignment.  After ONE late assignment your overallgrade is lowered to a C.
All assignments will be adjusted to reflect an overall grade of a C in the grade book.
There are NO EXCEPTIONS for late work as you know well in advance when assignments are due and you can always turn assignments in early.  
OCHS College and Career Center Newsletters -
Fall 2019 List  - Check out how to schedule visits to the College and Career Center "College Talks", Use Naviance to schedule to attend any "College Talk."

Questions typically asked by students and parents and answers

Question:   How do I get help from Mr. Leong?
Answer:   Mr. Leong can be reached during the school day in F115 during period 5.  Students can also email him at .  Emails are responded back to within 48 hours.
Question:  I’m completing option #1 where do I find information about what I need to do?

All information along with examples and all google doc forms that need to be completed by students completing option #1 can be found at
Question: What if it is a snow day (no school) or we are released early during the school day, is my assignment still due by the deadline at the Senior Project web site?
Answer: If Oregon City School District has a snow day and your assignment is due that day, an extension will be given and your assignment will now be due the very next school day back and by 3:30 PM to either the Senior Project box in the front office or in F115.
Question: So I missed a day of school for any reason (sick, Dr. Appt., drivers exam, etc.) am I given an additional day to turn in my assignment since I was absent?
Answer: NO!  All assignment due dates are shared weeks if not months in advance of when they are due.  Students can always turn in assignments in early.  Assignments that are not turned in by the assignment due date (except for snow days) are then marked late after the assignment due date.
Question: Can I just email Mr. Leong my assignment or share my assignments with him?
Answer:   NO!  Mr. Leong has many Senior’s to work with this trimester besides teaching a full work load.  Students and parents must understand that all assignments for option #2 must be turned into the Senior Project boxes either in the front office or in F115.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy!
Question:   Why did I not score the fullest points possible on my assignment?
Answer: Many times students do not complete an assignment completely.  Many times items are left blank or completed with a limited answer.  Students who do not complete the assignment fully or leave things black will lose points.  Some assignments like the resume have a scoring guide that you should use to score your resume PRIOR to turning in your assignment so that you can see what I am using to score your assignment.

Need Help or Assitance?

Contact Mr. Leong by visiting F115 in person during period 5 or by emailing
SPRING Trimester

1.  Turn in ALL assignments PRINTED to the Senior Project box in the front office or in F115 by the assignment date

2.  Make sure that each assignment turned in has your name PRINTED on each page.  No credit will be given for no name papers

3.  ALL assignments must be typed out (except for Job shadow mentor form that is filled out by your mentor)

4.  Turn your assignments IN ON TIME and COMPLETELY filled out in order to earn full credit


Here are the 8 assignments that need to be completed.  Click on each assignment box to get further details.


Assignment #1


DUE  Sept. 20, 2019 by 3:30 PM




Assignment #5 

College Visit in Career Center

DUE Oct. 25, 2019 by 3:30 PM



Assignment #2

Plan for Success   

DUE Sept. 27, 2019 by 3:30 PM





Assignment #6

College Application or Acceptance Letter

OR unofficial transcript for ACC

DUE Nov. 1, 2019 by 3:30 PM


Assignment #3

Naviance - Strengths Explorer Survey

DUE Oct. 4, 2019 by 3:30 PM



Assignment #7

Job Shadow

DUE Nov. 8, 2019 by 3:30 PM

Assignment #4

Career Related Learning Exper.   

DUE Oct. 10, 2019 by 3:30 PM




Assignment #8

Tour a College or University Campus

DUE Nov. 15, 2019 by 3:30 PM