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Director: Julia Voorhies 503.785.8978



OCHS Sound Check - Oregon City High Schools premier a capella group comprised of 21 talented high school students doing what they love most, making music.


Sound Check Members 2018-19

Bergerson, Makenna; Clothier, Christina; Dolberg, Jacob; Ek, Peyton; Flores, Haylee; Gallandt, Katie; Hatch, Julia; Hayden, Maecy; Moyes, Josey; Mumma, Annabella; Pearson, Cole; Perse, Ethan; Ramos, Saul; Schoenfeld, Sydney; Shorten, Garrett; Vick, Daniel; Willhite, Joel 


Sound Check Members 2017

 Anderson, Payton; Bolan, Jarrison; Brown, Lindsey; Cisneros, Wade; Civil, Liam; Clegg, Allison; Cutter, Hannah; Farias Guzman. Ramon; Hardin, Kamrynn; Johnson, Madylin; Lopez, Kelli; Medina, Roman; Menvin, KC; Nelson, Samuel; Quevedo, Alexia; Ratumaiyale, Ariela; Redmond, Daphne; Roach, Elijiah: Runyon, Hannah; Schweitzer, Faith; Stilwell. Clar





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Sound Check won the 2019 Bend A Cappella Festival Sing Off Competition

and also won the People's Choir Award 



Sound Check at Nationals  story plus photos


Sound Check Going to Nationals  story

“Sound Check”, Oregon City High School’s premiere performing choir, has earned the honor of representing their school and community at the A Cappella Education Association’s 2017 Convention & High School National Championships,

to be held April 21-22 in Memphis, TN.  As the high school winners of the Bend A Cappella Festival Sing-Off, Sound Check became regional champion and 1 out of only 10 high school choirs eligible to compete for the national championship.  


This honor could not have been bestowed on a more deserving group of students.  Ranging from sophomores to seniors, Sound Check students practice tirelessly at 6:45 each morning. For most of these students, Choir is their “team”, and they devote the majority of their free time to practice and performance! They proudly represent their school, district, and city at every possible opportunity.  Performances have included the Holiday Tree Lighting and Snowflake Raffle Kick-Off in Downtown OC, the Rotary Holiday Luncheon, and the OCHS Veterans Day Assembly.  Caroling at OC area care centers is an annual tradition, as is their performance at the Providence/Willamette Falls “Light Up a Life” tree lighting.  Public concerts are performed quarterly and are free-of-charge.  In addition to their win at the Bend Festival, Sound Check will soon be featured in a television commercial for Specialty Heating & Cooling, as winners of their recent high school jingle contest! 


As you can imagine, this trip to the AEA National Convention is not only a huge honor for these students, but is also a very expensive endeavor for a public high school.  Having already fundraised this Fall for the trip to the Bend Festival, they now find themselves only 2 months away from this National event, needing to raise a substantial amount of money in a very short period of time.  Airline tickets and hotel accommodations must be booked immediately.  OC High School administration has committed to try to make this happen for the students. The Bend Tower Theatre Foundation and its patrons have already contributed generously, and now we are asking for help from our Oregon City community business partners and friends.  


Please consider a donation to help these very deserving students.  For Sound Check, and their director, Julia Voorhies, having the honor of competing at the national level is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience (as it would obviously be for any high school team or school group). The very short time frame makes this an “urgent need”.  



OCHS Selected for Winning Jingle  story



Sound Check Photos







   Published October 19, 2018


  Soloist: Josey Moyes and Payton Anderson 

  Audio: Adam Moultri and Ethan Palicoa

  Video: KC Lopez and Cesar Rodriguez

  Originally performed by: Hailee Steinfeld ft DNCE





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