Water and Walking Challenge


               START DATE -  ?                                                       END DATE - December 15



     •    Your weeks of steps will start every Monday morning and end on Sunday nights and will restart that Monday morning.


     •    Start your day with 16 ounces of water. 


     •    For every 4,000 steps you take throughout your day you must drink an additional eight ounces of water.


     •    A step is a step whether it’s on a walk, jog, hike, bike ride, jumping, skipping, and even dancing.


     •   All steps taken will count towards your total.




The goal of the N.C.A. is to help encourage healthy eating throughout OCHS. This is our first project contributing towards this goal and we hope that all staff members will support us by taking the steps and drinking water, along with sharing the experience with your students. 





TEAM CAPTAIN - You’re responsible for:

   Entering in the steps every week.

   Emailing Lisa Wilson with any issues you may have throughout the challenge.

   Making sure that all numbers are adding up.

   Lastly being the cheerleader for your team members!